Cake «Nuaramelle»

Walnut cake with caramel mousse and walnut pieces

Cake «Alliance»


Cake «Baltazar»

Cake with three types of chocolate mousse cream (black, white and milky chocolate), with slight almond biscuit intercalation.

Cake «Galua»

Light biscuit with delicate white chocolate cream and fresh currant (raspberry) mousse. Decorated with fresh fruits.


Cake «Yogurt»

Delicate yogurt soufflé cake  with fruits pieces and nut biscuit slice


Cake «Coffee-Almond-Pineapple»

Delicious combination of almonds, fresh pineapple and  notes of coffee

Cake «Honeyed»

Sponge cake with delicate honeyed raciness and creamy sour cream

Cake «Opera»

Cake with almond biscuit and blask chocolate intercalation 

Сake «Nut»

Nut biscuit  with creamy sour cream with dried apricots pices

Cake «Ruayal»

Nut praline with milky chocolate and crunchy sponge flakes in bitter-sweet mousse

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